Our Cast

Season 1 Credits

In Alphabetical Order

Jesse Duvall as the Narrator and Mister Flowers

Jessica Abbott as Miss Bones

Ryan Anderson as The Knight

Chris Bishop as Mister Tin

Liam Borja as Mister Brushes

Angela Brown as Miss Songs

Becca Bryan as The Whore/The Dame

Ariel Hardy as Miss Brownies and Morbs

Dorian Hardy as Greggory

Noel Hardy as Mister Silver and Mister Spy

Weatherly Hardy as Mister Klutz

Davy Jones as Mister Matters

Kayla as Miss Scars

Ian McLeod as Mister Cash

Jenn Mottram as Miss Stone

Jan Nguyen as Person 2

Matilda Patterpaw as Miss Clay

Adam Roberts as The Steward

Artem Waller as The Shopkeep


Special Guests:

Kristin Davis of Coffin Cast as Person 3

Erik Ferris and Glenn Dubois of Massive Hitbox as Investigator Svenson and The Gun

Garret of Garret Talks To Himself as Third Businessman

Amos Jones of the Chaotic Nerdful Podcast as Arty

Kassiah of Swoony Boys Podcast as Person 1

Trevor Lane of the Man Tools Podcast as Man in Crowd

Aaron Minton of the Pilgrim’s Digress Podcast as Mister Knives

Rob Rubenok of 421 Archives Podcast, As Second Businessman

Author Heather Gorlitz Scott as Miss Teeth & Eunice

Dr. London Smith (.com) of the Jock Doc Podcast as First Businessman

Rafe Telsch of Have Not Seen This as Mister Lead



Foley from freesound.org

Music by:


Monomyth by Scott Buckley

Various themes by

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0